Are You Searching For Second Hand Firearms?

Buying a secondhand firearm can save you money, especially on leading brands of guns. As long as it’s in good condition, it should work just as well as a newer gun. 

However, it’s crucial to buy a second-hand firearm from the right place. Nowadays most people start by looking online where they can find the largest selection available. When looking at secondhand firearms, you need to make sure the firearm is free of rust and pitting in the barrel. Make sure the barrel crown is in a good condition. 

Buying online also makes it easier to browse for the right price. You can also browse pictures to check the condition of the gun, along with finding plenty of information on the brand.  

No matter if you’re passionate about sports like clay pigeon shooting or are purchasing a firearm for sporting, game or target shooting, Guns and Guns has a great choice of secondhand firearms.  

Among our latest range are straight-pull rifles, bolt-action sporting rifles, Bolt action service rifles, modern and vintage rimfire rifles and semi-auto shotguns. Our brands include  Anschutz, Brno, CZ, Browning, Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mauser, Ruger, Tikka, Savage and many more.  

Buying from us is extremely easy. However, you must have the correct license (Section 1 firearm certificate or Section 2 Shotgun Certificate) before making a purchase. On our website, you’ll find good quality photographs of all the firearms and shotguns for sale. Prices for our secondhand guns are highly competitive. We guarantee that all our guns are in excellent condition and ready for use. We also offer transfer of the firearm to your local firearms dealer, if you are not local to us.  

If you’re looking for second-hand firearms, why not explore our range today?